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  • Start
    1979 - Gear Shop 1979


    It all started back in 1979, in a shed, in Calgary, Alberta.

    We started life as 3 friends running a skate and surf shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1979 and have grown to be a significant player in the action-sports industry over the last 36 years. We still strive to combine a strong Canadian tradition in snow sports and the urban feel of the West Coast. 

  • 1983 - Champions 1983


    We were always there.

    When snowboarding was just a young punk, we were there. When it went through its shameful neon days, we were there. When resorts begrudgingly allowed it, we were there. Evolution of parks and pipes — check. Movement to the backcountry — check. Mainstream status, mega superstardom, Olympics — check, check, check. We were there. Not only were we creating trendsetting threads for our riders, we were nurturing the entire scene from the ground up with events like the legendary Westbeach Classic. Epic times that came to define an era and create memories that will last beyond a lifetime.

  • 1984


    1984 Hunting fresh powder lines in BC

    1984 Riders like Westbeach OG John Kamitakahara start paving the way on BC hills, hunting fresh powder lines. 

  • 1986 - Winner 1986


    We're just getting started!

    We’re looking to the future and we’re just getting started. Just as riders from around the world ply their unbridled talent to push their craft, we’re still proudly putting our Canadian stamp on snowboarding’s permanent record, in the process, creating a lifestyle to be built upon for generations to come. The mountains of British Columbia are our backyard, it’s here we throw grassroots events like the Westbeach Chinese Downhill to stoke our good friends, supporters and neighbours. We’re still in tune with who we are and what we do.

    There aren’t many snowboard brands that have been around as long as we’ve been doing our thing. But our philosophy has never changed. Plain and simple: Westbeach products are 100% made for snowboarding. Every nuance of every technical feature and design element is focused on the sole purpose of making a day of snowboarding with friends that much more enjoyable.

  • 1992


    Kevin Young wins the classic

    1992 Kevin Young wins “The Westbeach Classic” while riding for WB. Teammate Devun Walsh and him introduce the “jam format”. Seen for the first time, now the norm.

  • 1995


    Westbeach Classic starts.

    Derek Heidt wins the halfpipe event and gets the cover of Transworld that day

  • 1997


    ?The Westbeach Classic Big Air?

    Westbeach rider Chris Brown wins “The Westbeach Classic Big Air” in front of 10,000 at the bottom of Whistler. Hot tubs, nudity, booze, parties, and fireworks ensue.

    In the same year Westbeach becomes affiliated with Morrow Snowboards.

  • 2013 - Now 2013


    Westbeach Chinese Downhill

    Westbeach rider Joel Loverin wins the “Chinese Downhill”, if there’s a guy who isn’t afraid to straight line anything, its him. 

  • Here and now


    35 YEARS DEEP and Forever Young

    35 YEARS DEEP, and Forever Young; Westbeach stays true to its roots, developing outerwear and clothing for those who love snowboarding and spending time outside with friends.